((daydreaming at work is clearly a bad idea))

Anonymous asked: Son why did you kill us? we only tried to get you to play with the other children and make friends and when we suggested you try baking to impress this outsider we didn't mean with our corpses. - Your loving parents.

*flashback time*



((i may be re-using pictures here but I think they are still relevant


((by the way, I’m gonna have to warn everyone, as usual, that I’ll be a bit slow at answering things! drawing stuff takes a while. I’ll get as much as I can done today though :D))



((hey nemo

your alice’s ex account is totally reminding me of this guy right now :’)


((I’m still confused why I wrote all of that stuff back then, but I’m having fun responding to him with Lorina.

Its actually really funny because I think thats Poe, and now If I had to name any character that I wanted Alice’s Ex to be like, it would be the guy from Telltale heart.XD)

((well it’s very entertaining to read! :’D

and it’s Lemony Snicket - did you ever read A Series of Unfortunate Events? There was always a phrase like that at the start. Like:))

((hey nemo

your alice’s ex account is totally reminding me of this guy right now :’)


((-mun casually hijacks this post to explain-

Estella’s an OC from stefanstopthat, which is a group of drug dealers chess pieces who Peter has had several encounters with in past roleplays. Often ending in attempted murder. And unwanted hair plaiting.

But I’m guessing you saw her in the Like A Boss thing? That one linked to her relationship with crazytealover's Blood. You should totally go to either of their blogs if you want to know more :D))

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"there was every need" best 4th wall break

((the 4th wall on this blog is in need of some serious repairs!))

Alice Series RP/Ask Blog Masterpost

I put this list together ages ago, but it was in need of an update. So here we are!

Just to warn you, several of the blogs listed have been inactive for quite a while (up to around a year for some) because the list was made so long ago. I have deleted the ones that don’t exist at all anymore, though.

I tried to add as many as I could find, but I probably haven’t managed to include everyone. So if you have an ask or RP blog for the HnKnA series - whether canon or OC - send me a message and I’ll add you to the list! (and please let me know if there are any broken links/other mistakes too)

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