(M!A: “You’re a girl for the next 5 asks” 2/5)

((oh, just remembered to say, I’m still doing that M!A & already have the 5 asks for it - I’m still working on them though so I’ll post them whenever I finish them. It’s just that I’m not answering asks in the order I receive them, I haven’t forgotten the M!A :D))

Anonymous asked: Is it ok to send in a M!A for after the female one? Or should I wait till this ones over? :3

((It’s fine if you send one in advance :D It will be a while before I finish this one though, as I’m away for a week and can’t use a tablet, so I can’t draw any ask responses until I get back. But yep, please do send one in!))

((I’m so bad at remembering this, but if there are any things you guys want to avoid seeing posts of (like bloody or violent stuff) please let me know!! Usually I try to tag that kind of thing just in case, but if it’s a problem for anyone I’ll make sure to do so!))

Anonymous asked: In your current appearance, have any faceless attempted to flirt with you?





(M!A: “You’re a girl for the next 5 asks” 1/5)

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no, Alice. It is Blood disguised as Peter so he can stalk you and you don’t judge him.